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November 22, 2006 October DM Sales, Analysis

The comics business news and analysis site has released their estimated figures and articles regarding Direct Market (comics and hobby shop) sales for October 2006.

Top 300 Comic Books
Top 100 Graphic Novels

imageMarvel's Civil War tie-ins drive their sales without an actual issue of Civil War to be sold; DC's weekly 52 series continues to perform in strong, steady fashion. I would have lost any bet available to me about 52's performance past the first dozen or so issues. Has DC announced a follow-up weekly title that starts when 52 ends? Because that would totally make sense.

The performance of DC's recent Fables hardcover proves quite formidable as well, selling well more than half of a comic book issue, with a much higher price point, bookstore sales, and a longer sales period.

Most of the other numbers seem pretty common to me: 1) there's still a huge drop-off as you move down comic books in the top 40, which I and maybe no one else finds worrisome, 2) there are only around 10 comic books that break into the top 100 not from the two big superhero houses, 3) amenable genre rather than price point seems to drive interest in graphic novels/trades, and 4) manga remains a consistent but definite sub-category in terms of buying interest, which is strange only in that it so completely dominates bookstore sales.

Update: A couple of folks have written in to say that DC already has another weekly planned, to be called Countdown and supposedly to be written by Paul Dini. I should know better than to make conjecture about a side of the business I don't cover as closely as I should! Anyway, as I said above, it makes sense.

a strong-performing Ultimate X-Men trade indicates the thrust of the DM is still codpiece-led
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