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October 25, 2005 September Sales GN-Led

imageAfter a surge in July that continued into August, it looks like sales in Direct Market comic book shops settled back into a recently familiar pattern of graphic novel-led incremental growth. I prefer reading's coverage, which includes a summary, analysis, a top 300 list of comic books, and a top 100 list of graphic novels.

The comic title at the top of the charts, a second issue of the Frank Miller/Jim Lee mini-series All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder, reflects the breadth of DC's assault on top chart positions. If the knuckles on DC's right hand are tattooed "Line-Wide Event" (as in Identity Crisis), then the knuckles on the left are tattooed "Stand-Alone Prestige Projects," encompassing creator-driven, big-character things like the Miller/Lee team-up and the Alex Ross-fueled Justice miniseries that hit #1 last month. (Marvel has "Bendis" tattooed on each hand.)

All of the usual CR items of interest apply to this month: dominance in top 100 slots of top two companies (93-7), a great difference between the top titles and the rest of what's selling (#100=22,000 units sold), no real growth outside of the top ten, and manga in comic book shops being a conservative mix of adventure serials and reliable bookstore titles. Love Manga digs into the manga presence on the graphic novel list with its own analyis here.
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