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March 21, 2007

IDW To Do Little Orphan Annie, Too

imageAccording to the comics business news and analysis site, the third jewel in IDW's burgeoning strip reprint crown will be Little Orphan Annie, last reprinted in an aborted series of volumes by Fantagraphics Books. Unlike that company's 1990s Pogo reprints, which their new Jeff Smith-designed Pogo efforts should blow out of the water, the Little Orphan Annie books were actually not bad, minus one unfortunate production malfunction in one of the volumes. They were of a good size, the covers were attractive, and they each published a year's worth of strips, which was a satisfying chunk of material. So it's good to hear that the IDW series will start somewhere other than that run.

Few who grew up with Andrea McArdle and the other, odder versions of the musical (Carol Burnett! Albert Finney! Kathie Lee Gifford!) tends to believe this, but Little Orphan Annie is an all-time strip, a first-rate decency fantasy expressed through shameless soap opera, with just enough adventure dropped in to please those of us that like that kind of thing, and Gray's lovely art and idiosyncratic take on the human condition on display at all times.

Also, I had no idea Dean Mullaney had resurfaced.
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