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March 20, 2008

Copper Collection Sold To Scholastic


The comics business news and analysis site note that a collection of Kazu Kibuishi's Copper webcomic has been sold to Scholastic for publication during their Spring 2010 season. This strikes me as interesting in a number of ways: 1) it's a continuation of the Kibuishi/Scholastic relationship that has resulted in publication of the Amulet series, 2) it's a nice sale for Judith Hansen, 3) I figured it might go to the publisher of the Flight books in which Copper made an appearance, 4) it's another big-time webcomic being sold to a print publisher, 5) I guess we're not a point when sales to publishers come with some standard descriptor as to the amount of money for which it sold, and 6) I've just always sort of liked that property. It's quite light, but it's frequently sumptuous, with just enough of an arch point of view to keep it interesting on a level beyond its color-soaked visual impression.
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