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December 3, 2008

Quick hits
Reviews From ComicsTalk, Part One
Justin: Lizard
Stellas: Zortic
Smuga: Sinfest
Chris Daily: Bite Me!
Chris Daily: Cat and Girl
Matt Trepal: Ctrl+Alt+Del
Matt Trepal: American Elf
Xaviar Xerexes: Dark Red
Apis Teicher: Alpha Shade
Justin Unrau: Cow & Buffalo
Michael Whitney: Achewood
John Lynch: Beaver & Steve
Frank Cormier: Nowhere Girl
Apis Teicher: Cox and Forkum
Michael Whitney: Little Gamers
Wednesday White: The Last Kiss
Michael Whitney: A Softer World
Shaenon Garrity: Boy Meets Boy
Kelly J. Cooper: Demonology 101
Sahsha Andrade: Diesel Sweeties
Xaviar Xerexes: Eversummer Eve
Stickler and Hat-Trick: Ornery Boy
Michael Whitney: Get Your War On
Kelly J. Cooper: The Journal Comic
Andrew Leal: Will Eisner's John Law
Shaenon Garrity: Count Your Sheep
Gilead Pellaeon: Press Start To Play
Stickler and Hat-Trick: Penny Arcade
Michael Whitney: Gods of Arr-Kelaan
Kelly J. Cooper: The Wandering Ones
Sahsha Adrade: Picture Story Theatre
Justin Pierce: Polymer City Chronicles
Matt Summers: The Order of the Stick
Wednesday White: The Devil's Panties
Xaviar Xerexes: Will Eisner's John Law
Stickler and Hat-Trick: Charlie Red Eye
Wednesday White: Questionable Content
Smuga: Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire
Kelly J. Cooper: Checkerboard Nightmare
Michael Whitney: Boy on a Stick and Slither
Wednesday White: General Protection Fault
Kelly J. Cooper: Apocamon: The Final Judgement
Jack Unrau: The Immortal: Aggro-Moxie at its Finest
Xaviar Xerexes: The Abominable Charles Christopher
Shaenon Garrity: Anne Frank Conquers The Moon Nazis

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