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February 20, 2006

JM Thevenet Out at Angouleme? has a report on behind the scenes board tensions with the Festival International de la Bande Dessinee, better known by its location: the Angouleme Festival, or simply Angouleme. Although the article's in French, it seems what's essentially happened is that JM Thevenet has looked into a city festival positiion causing at least one other board member to declare himself a candidate for Thevenet's replacement. More than any of the details, which I may have wrong, I just sort of like that this kind of thing is actually news.

Francois Peneaud writes in to correct me:
Just saw your post about Thevenet.

First thing: only the photo is by Didier Pasamonik, the text is unsigned [CR: now corrected]. We've got a more detailed article at actuabd, by Didier, this time:

What happened is that Thévenet was seemingly also involved in a contemporary art biennale in another town, and the Angoulême board fired him. Thévenet says he was only a consultant, so things will probably go to court.

It seems, as you said, that there's a candidate to replace him, but it's far from done.

Thanks, Francois!
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