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July 7, 2006

Johnny Hart: In the Outhouse Again?


This July 3 strip from Johnny Hart's B.C. feature: a pun on "luna tick" or another of Hart's obtuse shots at Islam through the star and crescent symbol? Or both?

The folks at the Comics Journal's message board noticed this; I sure didn't. This blog did, too. In the end, I'm kind of with Mark Martin on the thread that people should be allowed to be critical if they'd like; it's not like Hart can be said to be springing this material on people at this point, and even though in a sense the momentum of syndication makes it hard for papers to switch features it's certainly possible for papers to take this step if they no longer feel B.C. warrants support.

Strips like these will almost certainly give Hart's cartooning legacy the oddest endgame spin since Al Capp's later-career political transformation.
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