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August 14, 2009

Josette Baujot, 1921/1922-2009


Josette Baujot, the one-time chief colorist at Studios Herge, has died. This is according to a statement by Gilles Ratier of the Association des Critiques et des journalistes de Bande Dessinee that has since become widely circulate on a ton of French-language, comics-focused web sites.

Unfortunately, I know very little about Baujot, let alone what exactly she might have been responsible for doing and that might have meant in contrast with the earlier days of Tintin's production. The sites carrying the statement mention that a character based on her appeared in the last Tintin album and that she either married or was at least the companion to former studiomate the cartoonist Jo-El Azara, but very little beyond that. I am also the opposite of a Tintin scholar. But it occurs to me that if she was responsible for any of the color on any of the albums at all, she at least likely influenced the dreams of millions of children.

(Even the art above is a guess -- it comes from Flight 714 which was later in the series run, but I have no idea of the length of Baujot's term of service there or what exactly she was responsible for doing.)

She was 87 years old.
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