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October 13, 2004

Judge Dismisses CBLDF-backed Complaint But Eases Concerns

That Judge Anna Diggs Taylor dismissed the complaint by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, six prominent state booksellers, and the Great Lakes Booksellers Association over a Michigan "harmful to minors" display law was enough for State Attorney General Mike Cox to issue a press release in celebration.

imageIn slightly more convincing language including positive testimony from a fellow plaintiff, the CBLDF argues via their release that the judge's decision includes satisfactory answers to almost every serious question raised that led to suit's filing in January. This includes more exact language on the types of covers affected, protection for sellers who take steps to correct a situation whereby a minor is reading such a work, and some exclusion for works of literary value.

If anyone out there ends up doing a closer reading of Taylor's ruling, it might be interesting to explore how what was written ameliorates concerns booksellers expressed over the potential cost of meeting the law's requirements. If the bookseller groups are happy those worries must be diminished, but right this moment I'm not exactly sure how.

In a big day for those of us who sit at our computers with the CBLDF press release page on our browsers, hitting the "refresh" button, the Fund did extremely well at this year's Small Press Expo and announced the winner of a Queen and Country contest. For some reason that contest reminds me of something a manga publisher would do.
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