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January 7, 2015

Links, Ruminations And Statements On The Day After The Charlie Hebdo Killings

What follows is some basic link-blogging as to articles, statements and resources that might begin to help one better understand the events of January 7, 2015 in Paris, where 13 people were killed in and around or directly related to an assault on the offices of the satirical newsmagazine Charlie Hebdo. These are of course subjectively collected and in many cases subjectively written, but this is how I encountered that story.


Additional Facts As I've Come To Understand Them

* a fifth comics-maker on staff was part of the "10 journalists" killed figure. Philippe Honoré was a staff cartoonist.

* one reason that Honoré might be of significant attention is becauase he did one of the portraits that may be at the heart of the event's specific trigger.

* a full list of those killed: Jean Cabut, "Cabu" (cartoonist); Stephane Charbonnier, "Charb" (cartoonist); Georges Wolinski (cartoonist); Philipe Honore (cartoonist); Bernard Verlhac, "Tignous" (cartoonist); Bernard Maris, "Oncle Bernard" (columnist); Elsa Cayat (psychiatrist and writer); Mustapha Ourrad (proofreader); Michel Renaud (festival head/visitor); Frederi Boisseau (maintenance worker); Franck Brinsolaro (police officer assigned to Charb); Ahmed Merabet (local policeman murdered at scene.

* I've yet to read anything definitive about what the exact cause of the attack might be. Contextual clues and recent history suggest it's related to the magazine's publishing history with Muhammad images but can't even tell you if it's being genuinely or cynically applied. General anger about those images still seems to be the #1 assumed goal of the killers (with societal disruption and revenge for a single recent image and/or article tied at #2), but we may not know more unless the suspects are captured and they talk.

* the idea floated in media reports last night that two suspects had been identified and arrested was really only the identification and some wishful thinking. The search continues and may be focused in the north of France.

* a million copies of next week's issue of Charlie Hebdo are planned. Circulation had recently fallen as low as 45,000.

* today is a national day of mourning in France.

* the moment of the attacks was noted at the offices, a moment of silence, and the ringing of the bells at Notre Dame. More marches are planned for tonight, mirroring last night's well-attended events.

* memorials have been left at the offices of Charlie Hebdo.

* a shooting this morning in southern Paris that killed a policewoman has become of interest because of report that the shooter was wearing clothes similar to that of the Charlie Hebdo attackers.

* the two primary subjects are Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi, 32 and 34 years old.

* initially reported as dead, an 18-year-old suspect named Hamyd Mourad turned himself over to police yesterday evening after hearing his name mentioned as a suspect.

* newer reports credited to an eyewitness have the gunmen separating victims at a lunchroom editorial meeting and killing those they intended to see dead assassination-style.


Biographies Of The Cartoonists Killed

* Cabu
* Charb
* Philippe Honore
* Tignous
* Georges Wolinski


Selected News And Analysis Articles

* Art Spiegelman And Tariq Ramadan On Democracy Now!

* Buzzfeed

* CBLDF On The Charlie Hebdo Cartoons
* CNN's General Day Two Article

* Hollywood Reporter On JeSuisAhmed Hashtag
* Hooded Utilitarian
* Huffington Post World

* Independent General Day Two Article

* Maori TV On Derek Fox Assigning Blame To Editorial Arrogance
* Mother Jones On Wednesday Night's Marches

* On Being With A 9 Points To Ponder Article

* Salon With A Graphic Novel Recommendation Post-Charlie Hebdo

* Telegraph Focus On The Cartoonists

* US News And World Report Article Featuring Benjamin Netanyahu's Reaction
* USA Today's Much-Discussed, Much-Reviled Piece From Cleric Anjhem Choudary

* Article On Why It's Absurd For People To Expect Moderates To Apologize For Radicals


Selected Past News And Analysis Articles

* Wednesday's Initial Article From Slate About News Media Censoring Imagery In Reporting Of Story


Miscellaneous Resources
* Derf Re-Published A Photo Of The Bloody Office On Facebook


Statements And Declarations, Many On Social Media

* Allan Haverholm

* Brian Biggs

* Chris Schweizer

* Darryl Cunningham

* Edmond Baudoin Draws The Initial Four Cartoonists Reported Dead

* George Packer At The New Yorker

* Hope Larson

* Matt Madden

* Patrick Baz
* Paul Dini

* Stephane Rosse

* Tariq Ramadan

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