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October 3, 2007

Lisa Moore Passes in Funky Winkerbean

imageToday is the day where the Lisa Moore character passes away in Funky Winkerbean from complications due to cancer, a plotline which has brought a ton of attention to Tom Batiuk's strip and even revived an old argument about whether comic strips should engage real world issues or provide a safe haven from them. All of the usual sources I checked this morning for the strip were overloaded, but Alan Gardner has it, with some commentary to boot. The New York Times notes the plot point. Comics Curmudgeon notes the Funky strip and a similarly-tinged For Better or For Worse offering in what is sure to be the most entertaining response thread on the matter. Here's a note on both the fact that the related book may set a record for being out on the heels of a strip's newspaper progression, and the fund set up to benefit cancer treatment. Here's an example of the general press coverage the plot has received in papers coast to coast. Chris Mautner talked to the cartoonist.
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