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November 8, 2006

Lost Girls Clears Canadian Customs

Top Shelf sent out a press release yesterday that the relentlessly sexual Lost Girls has been cleared for importation into Canada. The text:
Top Shelf Productions is pleased to announce that the Canada Border Services Agency (Canada Customs) has formally cleared Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls for importation into Canada.

In a thoughtful letter from the agency, dated 27 October 2006, the CBSA stated that the "depictions and descriptions are integral to the development of an intricate, imaginative, and artfully rendered storyline," and that "the portrayal of sex is necessary to a wider artistic and literary purpose." They concluded with "Its importation into Canada is therefore allowed."

We're very grateful to the Canada Border Services Agency for their enlightened decision regarding Lost Girls, as well as to our Canadian attorney Darrel H. Pearson (of Gottlieb & Pearson) for helping us prepare the documents necessary to request a formal review of the work.

What this means is that the book will now be available to all Canadian retailers and fans as soon as the new printing arrives at our distributor (Diamond Book Distributors) in mid-December. This new printing will likely sell out in a single day, so please be sure to put your orders into the Diamond system as soon as you can, to make sure you get the copies you need.

It strikes me that it's gone extremely well for Top Shelf with Lost Girls thus far -- knock on wood -- to the point where any delays in getting books to certain markets because of potential litigation or going through a legal process has actually served the rolling print cycles of the book. A year ago there was backroom talk around comics that Top Shelf should publish Lost Girls under a dedicated new company's name or at least use different warehouses for storage it was considered such a potential hot potato. It's kind of amazing how it's turned out. goes into the logic behind the request and gives a by-third-printing tally for Lost Girls at 40,000.
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