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March 15, 2011

Manga Creators Respond To Disaster With Encouraging Art

imageThere's a smattering of links up around the Internet pushing attention and eyeballs towards the art created by prominent manga-industry cartoonists in response to the disastrous earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant meltdown traumas of the last few days. Anime News Network was up early and quickly with a mirror gallery in English featuring a number of great creators aligned with the Morning and Evening publications. Brigid Alverson Robot 6 has an excellent breakdown of what's out there more generally, including a heartbreaking series of Takehiko Inoue portraits distributed via Twitter. Here's that Inoue link directly, and another mention of the effort, this time in the Bangkok Post.

Anime News Network has a giant list of "I'm well" updates from a host of creators related to the manga and anime industries here. As is usually the case with this kind of thing anymore, at least one prominent creative personality was the subject of a death hoax carried out through social networking sites.
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