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March 29, 2007

Manganews: Libre Statement on CPM has a statement from the Japanese publisher Libre on a current dispute over whether or not the North American company Central Park Media has a valid licensing arrangement for many of its Be Beautiful line's titles. Basically, they believe they have acquired all rights to negotiate on behalf of licenses previously held by by BIBLOS, who went bankrupt in April of last year, and that this terminated all existing agreements. Further, they accuse CPM of not even holding up their end of the BIBLOS agreements, asserting they believe the bankruptcy absolves them of doing so.

The author of the piece notes that a Japanese publishing company making a claim in public must be proof they're right; Dirk Deppey suggests that maybe they'd have been better off in court. I personally have no idea. I will join Dirk in his eminently sensible statement that you generally don't know enough to make strong statements until you see the papers filed and the law in question, and I'll further suggest that sometimes you have to wait for a decision or settlement because those can go against all logic seemingly supported by documentation. Multiply this by a billion for the international aspect and I'll take a comfortable seat in the wait and see lounge. To me the most telling part of the release is Libre's suggestion that other companies in CPM's shoes have already re-negotiated.
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