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March 16, 2007

Marshall Democrat-News on Library Vote; Blankets Moved to Adult Fiction

The local newspaper Marshall Democrat-News chimes in with a report from their Rachel Harper on this week's Public Library meeting about the materials selection policy instigated by complaints the removed the graphic novels Blankets and Fun Home from library shelves, as well as the fate of those books in light of that new policy. The result is almost ideal for many of us watching the case: a policy that emphasizes in-library steps to consider and process complaints, and a return to the shelves for each book because that policy would have supported the original purchase. I agree with David Welsh that the statement by a local leader working with youth about the quality of those books was a heartening highlight.

All that's left is to see if the way things played out in Marshall will have any effect on future challenges for graphic novels, or, I guess, if there will be future, similar challenges to graphic novels. Another thing to note: by a 7 to 1 note, Blankets was moved out of the Young Adult Fiction category.
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