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November 5, 2004

Marvel Expands Book Format Offerings

News of Marvel's first few months of trades and hardback releases for 2005 elicited the usual squeals of delight and snarky line-by-line commentary from various portions of the fan community, but the list is a reasonably significant publishing news story for a few reasons:
* It does represent an increase in publishing in these formats; my quick glance at previous years shows Marvel publishing about 7-10 book-format comics in a month. If the release's last line about these books being in addition to the regular trade release schedules, this is a big undertaking.

image* The books seem to take a variety of approaches, grouping by creator, storyline, or even concept/creation as opposed to all of the book reflecting a character emphasis, for example, or current hits. There are even oddities like a collection of Jack Kirby's 1970s Black Panther effort (left).

* None of the books that count on an editor culling for an artist or writer from that person's gigantic backlist seems particularly insulting or politically dubious.

I believe this story came to many people's attention through blogger NeilAlien pointing to the message board in question. I've also seen the list posted in its entirety along with light analysis from people like Christopher Butcher and Heidi MacDonald.
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