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January 31, 2008

Maryland Bill To Curb Cartoon Speech?

imageThe American Civil Liberties Union is arguing that a bill up for passage in Maryland regarding the commercial use of soldiers' names and images may keep art using those things from being made. In a hearing before lawmakers in Annapolis, the ACLU representatives pointed to Mike Luckovich's "Why" cartoon as an example of the kind of art that might be threatened under the new law. Luckovich's cartoon, where Atlanta-Journal Constitution built the word from the names of the then-2000 American dead in the Iraq conflict, is believed to be significant contributor to his 2006 Pulitzer Prize win. The bill can be read here. I have no idea why a law in Maryland would have an effect on free speech in Atlanta, but I don't like the bill in principle. I also have no idea know why the usual protections for use of an image don't apply in most cases, nor can I gauge the significance of such use, which make me believe it's an issue being driven by politics.
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