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May 31, 2006

Not Comics: Avi Arad Re-Structures

Avi Arad is using the big movie weekend enjoyed by Marvel's X-Men to announce his own move from Marvel Studios to a production company bearing his name, where he'll still act as a producer on several upcoming Marvel films but also be freed up to pursue a wider range of projects. I know even less about the film industry than I do about comics, but it seems to me this kind of move is pretty typical and not a vote of no-confidence in the studio's future.

imageWhile we're in "Not Comics" land, I guess it's worth noting that the latest X-Men movie made about a kazillion dollars in its opening weekend. Not everyone enjoyed the movie, and I've seen this general complaint or complaints like it show up in a fair number of reviews and blog entries, which is sort of interesting given the large number of female fans the property enjoys. Mike Russell's overview of the movie and comparison of the movies to the comics is sweetly amusing, and I think fairly comprehensive and clear.
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