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March 3, 2011

Philippe Val, Cabu Sell Shares Of Charlie Hebdo

If I'm reading this article at the French-language comics news clearinghouse correctly -- and it's the kind of article with football field upon football field of open space for interpretation in addition to the usual, elliptical language, so maybe not -- the comedian/musician Philippe Val and the cartoonist Cabu have sold their shares in the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Ownership of the publication is now split 40/40/20 among three principals. The article seems to emphasize their time at the magazine mostly in terms of their fight, dismissal/resignation and later legal entanglements with the cartoonist Sine; not knowing a ton of stuff about that particular publication it comes to mind mostly as I believe one of the few publications to reprint the Danish Muhammed cartoons and for Cabu's subsequent cartoons on the same matter. At any rate, I agree with the writer of the piece that a return to the publication by Sine, which this move would make more likely although god only knows how likely, would be quite the gossipy, easy-narrative story.
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