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January 3, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I had a blast talking about Gilbert Hernandez with Tim and Kumar at Deconstructing Comics.

* New York Comic Con is selling four-day passes beginning today. I have no idea why they're doing it now; some people aren't even back off of vacation yet. I guess that's one way to manage demand. It's not as if there's a big hurry -- the show is held in mid-October.

* here's a list of best-of comics selected by the writers of the Robot 6 blog. Unless I'm missing something, one of the critics picked his own comic as the #3 comic of the year, which is kind of amazing.

image* you know what comic was really popular around my house during the holiday season with comic geeks and squares alike? Hark! A Vagrant. Not a surprise, really, I know. Still, there was enough of a reaction for me to notice. It's the only book of everything I had lying around that I can distinctly remember multiple people picking up, the only one that everyone picking it up seemed to spend at least some time reading, and the only one that two different people asked to take home. In my completely unscientific, multiple-decade survey of the stuff I've left out on my coffee table, that's the biggest reaction I've seen showered on a comics work since Matt Groening's Life In Hell books.

* the cartoonist Aron Nels Steinke made a best of 2011 list worth your time.

* in honor of the CR Holiday Interview with Charles Brownstein and Larry Marder of the CBLDF, the blog Today In Comics History posted a bunch of newspaper articles related to comics scare.

* Johanna Draper Carlson notes a Kris Dresen work about gender expectations.

* I have no idea how this article ended up in my links folder, but Major Wheeler-Nicholson + Army of Bat-Men = not-exactly-funnybooks-but-still-awesome gold.

* Beau Smith remembers his friend and collaborator Eduardo Barreto.

* not comics: Roger Ebert makes the point that the decline in movie theater revenues is more about the theater-going experience than it is about the movies.

* Sue Carter Flinn profiles Ramon Perez. And again. Sean T. Collins talks to Sammy Harkham and Michael DeForge. Brigid Alverson talks to Marjorie Liu and David Steinberger.

* hey, forthcoming Diane Noomin!

* I found a bit odd the way Graeme McMillan presented this link to a Steve Bissette piece on not being able to release 1963 material because of Alan Moore's active disinterest. I had a similar experience to Steve in terms of losing out on such a gig because of another creator's choice, and while I was of course similarly disappointed, I don't think I would ever say my situation was a case against creator ownership, or even against collaboration.

* I believe this is the first time I've linked to this Abhay Khosla response to news of a plans for more Watchmen work -- if this is the second time, I apologize. Ditto this Chip Kidd presentation about a forthcoming original graphic novel.

* in a much linked-to process post, Matthew Wilson writes about the coloring in Wonder Woman #4.

* Robert Stanley Martin on Hark! A Vagrant.

* finally, another missive from Tom Hart about his late daughter, Rosalie Lightning.
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