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March 14, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Richard Bruton on Good Cop Bad Cop #1.

* finessing child-killing: Bleeding Cool has an interesting post here on how finished art for a scene featuring the death of Robin is different from the earlier drafts, with implication as to what DC would wish communicated and how with sensitive material like that.

* not comics: movie fans please consider liking the Facebook page for the short movie my brother directed. My brother takes all the photos for this site that aren't terrible, and the movie features the nice lady that accompanied me to San Diego Con last year to help make sure I didn't pitch over from exhaustion.

* I don't think I've ever seen this Steve Rude drawing of Magneto and Professor X before, and I like all three of those things.

* seriously, what is up with all of these fantastic-looking comics shops?

* Robin McConnell talks to Julia Gfrörer.

* hey, look: it's NON #1.

* I don't recommend a lot of sales, but I do so enjoy these high-end mini-comics done by the Latvian collective behind kus!, and maybe you would, too. I know that I regret not buying all of those L'Association mini-comics 15 years ago.

* I'm not sure I understand the question being asked here, but I like Will Eisner's body of work and I always enjoyed seeing that guy at comics shows.

* finally: man, check out the Gorgo.
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