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September 18, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-up

image* In campus cartooning follies, there was a protest yesterday at Central Connecticut State University over a cartoon mining humor from a Hispanic girl locked in a closet where apparently she drinks urine. An article in the Charlottesville (VA) alternative weekly asks cartoonists in the area what they think of UVA senior Grant Woolard's cartoons. Conveniently for those of us who wanted Woolard's controversial works in one place, the paper runs a little re-cap.

* interviews Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley in one of its multi-sectioned presentations (one, two, three, four). This one seems more scattered than a typical interview, which may or may not be the cause of the impression that Marvel has a lot of irons in the fire, some seemingly more developed than the other. It's also worth noting the lofty way in which Buckly describes Civil War as an attention-getting project.

image* Congratulations to Masheka Wood and Mikhaela Reid, who were married by the Right Reverend Ted Rall under a Massachusetts law requiring cartoonists with roughly same-sounding names to be married by a third cartoonist. Okay, I think the law at issue actually allowed close friend Rall to marry the couple under a close-friend exception. Also, Mr. Rall isn't a reverend. Best wishes to the happy couple, and kudos to Editor & Publisher for finding an example of this happening previously. A couple of photos of the event can be found in the top two postings on Reid's blog, including this one showing that Pastor Rall is apparently using the Hello Kitty Bible.

* Phil Frank continues to be remembered by people such as friend and co-worker Jon Carroll, an institutions like his alma mater, Michigan State University.
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