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June 2, 2005

Remembering TCAF 2005

Here are a few links to various photo-diaries, odds-and-ends and summary statements about the just-past Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which looks like a healthy add to the comic book convention season given its location, its support, and its every-other-year schedule. A lot of these were linked to one another, which made collecting them easy despite my breaking Internet protocol in listing them indivdually rather than as I found them. I apologize for that, and for any contributing significant other or studiomate left off of my credit for a report.

Any other such entries out there .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Bart Beaty
Canadian Comic Art Centre Site
Chris Butcher
Vera Brosogol
Doug Wright Award Photos
Matthew Forsythe
Drawn! Summary Page
Hope Larson
Dave Roman
Salgood Sam
Seth's Doug Wright Speech
Ryan Sias
Kean Soo
Diana Tamblyn's Wrap-Up and List of Books Debuted
Zack Soto
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