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November 3, 2010

Reporters Sans Frontieres Urges Positive Outcome In Zunar Hearing

An article has gone up on the Reporters Sans Frontieres site in advance of the Malaysian cartoonist Zunar's November 8 hearing in Kulala Lumpur on the matter of a ban enacted against two of his books, Funny Malaysia and Perak Darul Kartun. At question is the Printing and Publication Act, which organizations like RSF believe affords the government incredible amounts of power to ban books and arrest authors. Zunar has been keeping a low profile since sedition charges were brought against him in late September over a new book Cartoon-O-Phobia; those charges could put the cartoonist in jail for three years.

The post contains a video interview and text-snippets from same that provide significant context in terms of the cartoonist's career -- he's self-taught, he's been with the on-line portal Malaysiakini since 2002 and he does not belong to a political party. Nothing he says would indicate that his work might lead to political unrest and riots as has been repeatedly asserted by Malaysian authorities. Another thing speaking against the publication of such cartoons leading to such events is the actual publication of those cartoons on-line and in-print without such unrest taking place.
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