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Maddie Blaustein, 1960-2008
posted December 19, 2008

imageAccording to a pair of industry acknowledgments, voice actress Madeleine Blaustein recently died in her sleep on December 11 after a short illness. She was 48.

Born in Long Island, Blaustein worked at both Marvel and DC Comics, starting as an assistant editor at Marvel during the 1980s. She wrote several comics for various lines at each company, including the licensed TSR books and comics for the Milestone imprint. She drew the series Power Pachyderms for Marvel, was employed as a creative director for the now-defunct Weekly World News, and held a number of anime and videogame voice credits.

Becoming Maddie Blaustein after entering her professional life as Adam Blaustein provided inspiration to members of the transgender community, especially as it overlapped with the entertainment industries where she worked. Blaustein wrote a transgendered comics character for Milestone named Deathwish who was similarly well-received. As one might be able to tell from the comments thread that is this article's first link, Blaustein was an extremely well-liked and memorable member of the creative communities in which she worked.