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Adrian Kermode, 1963/1964-2009
posted May 4, 2009

The artist D'Israeli reported over the weekend that the UK small press scene regular Adrian Kermode passed away Saturday morning.

imageAs a journalist, Kermode was a frequent contributor to comics magazines, including Vicious and Borderline. He shared in the latter magazine's 2002 National Comics Awards win for Best Comics Magazine or Website.

As a writer, Kermode collaborated with artist Terry Wiley on Petra Etcetera (Gratuitous Bunny Comix), an indirect sequel to Tales of Sleaze Castle, and Deadman & Hyde. Collaborating with artist Mike Juniper, Kermode wrote a comic called Dr. Sorrow. He contributed strips to the long-running anthology The Girly Comic, and co-created Deadman & Hyde with Kieran McKeown.

His best-known work, Petra Etcetera, won the Knockabout Award for Best Self-Published/Independent Comic in the 2001 National Comics Awards; it was nominated again in 2002.

Kermode was 45 years old.