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News: Carrie Nodell Passes Away
posted April 27, 2004

April 27 --Carrie Nodell the wife and longtime public appearance companion of Golden Age comic book artist Mart Nodell, passed away from complications brought on by a two week struggle with pneumonia. She was buried on April 29.

The Nodells were married for over 62 years, meeting and quickly becoming husband and wife during the first great era of sales success for the costumed superhero. Mart Nodell would co-create one of the lasting, profitable properties of the period and one of the ideas for pulp adventure at which comic books visually excelled: the Golden Age Green Lantern, who used a magic ring to fight evildoers.

In recent years Carrie Nodell became best known as a constant presence on the comic book convention circuit, where she supported and kibitzed on behalf of her husband and his art. In 2000, Mrs. Nodell's treatment in a hospitality suite at a Wizard World show in Chicago put into an unflattering light the changing nature of American comic book conventions from genteel gatherings of older creators and their fans to aggressive, media and merchant driven celebrations of fantasy pop culture.

Family members have asked that any letters of support be sent to Mart Nodell at 117 Lake Irene Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida 33411. They further requested that any donations be made to the comics-related ACTOR fund in the deceased's memory. Carrie Nodell is survived by her husband and a son, Spencer.