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News: Manga Society Announces Awards
posted May 10, 2004

May 10 -- Mitsuteru Yokoyama will receive a posthumous honor for his life's work at the 33rd annual award ceremony of the Manga Artist Society. The creator of Gigantor and Magical Witch Sally, who died April 15 in a house fire, created half a dozen successful properties and several critically praised historical sagas. "Even though his most accomplished work is sure the huge Romance of the Three Kingdoms," notes manga critic Bill Randall of Yokoyama, "his robot stories have been extremely influential. The trends he helped define have permeated pop culture all over the world."

Sharing this year's grand prize award and the 500,000 yen that comes with it is Sato Shuuhou's "Black Jack ni Yoroshiku," serialized in Morning Magazine, and Tsukuda Kimihiko's "Honobon-kun," serialized in Tokyo Newspaper. The awards will be presented in Tokyo on June 11.