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News: GrimJack, Inc.
posted May 18, 2004

May 18 -- Writer John Ostrander and writer/artist Tim Truman once again own a piece of a character that helped launch their respective careers in comics -- the science fantasy mercenary and anti-hero GrimJack. A semi-popular mainstay of 1980s independent comics, rights to GrimJack had been lost to complications arising from the demise of its owner, First Comics. A Chicago-based comic book company that had one of the highest profiles in the middle 1980s of any independent comics company, First tied up several properties during the bankruptcy that closed its doors.

The rights were secured by a partnership of former First personalities. Company co-founders Ken Levin and Mike Gold have formed with Truman and Ostrander the company The NightSky GrimJack Rights and Production Vehicle (Four Wheel Drive Model), LLC to control the character's future projects. The company has announced plans to collect the First Comics material into a form that takes advantage of the bookstore possibilities for trade collections, while Truman and Ostrander have committed to a brand new series that is seeking a publisher.

Another popular First comic book, Mike Baron and Steve Rude's Nexus, had its rights purchased by Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson and eventually returned in its entirety to Rude and Baron.