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News: Dynamic Forces Goes Exclusive
posted June 7, 2004

June 7 -- A pair of previously announced deals between Dynamic Forces and distribution juggernaut Diamond went into effect on June 7, 2004. Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc is now the exclusive distributor for Dynamic Forces to the hobby and comic book specialty markets. On the same day, Diamond Book Distributors became the company's exclusive domestic distributor for the various book trade markets such as library and bookstore.

Dynamic Forces is best known for its limited edition collectible comic book and lithographs from major companies like DC and Marvel and aggressive marketing of the same via the Internet and home shopping networks. Although its business has been built on a series of partnerships, adding value to an existing publishing effort, the New Jersey based company has recently begun to explore making its own contributions the general book market with the release of a hardcover of Jim Starlin's science fiction superhero series Dreadstar and a planned collection of the 1980s independent mainstay American Flagg!

Two interesting aspects of the deal are the timing, in that Dynamic Forces has enjoyed a decade-long relationship with the distributor before going exclusive, which indicates the distribution company is still interested in signing companies and that such deals are still attractive to publishers, and that the deal is different from many previous deals of this type in that Diamond was willing to tailor its deal to the specific needs of Dyanmic Forces' varied product line. Dynamic Forces President Nick Barrucci told the Journal, "Dynamic Forces and Diamond Comics have enjoyed a long, healthy relationship over the last 10 or so years, and now, that relationship has been taken to the next level. While we retain flexibility in selling outside of the Direct Market on some lines -- namely trading cards -- our comics and collectibles line will be presented to Direct Market retailers by the strongest sales and purchasing teams in comics."