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News: Dame Darcy’s Design Debut
posted June 10, 2004

June 10 -- Cartoonist Dame Darcy's Bat Institute of Technology (or B.I.T.) couture clothing line made its runway debut at Los Angeles' Conga Room, featuring an array of models that included comedian and fellow fashion designer Margaret Cho. Darcy put the show together with friend and co-designer Mindy "Legs" Le Brock, a former student of Fashion and Textile Design at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

The clothes at the show reflected the same sensibility as in the cartoonist's Meat Cake comic books. Victorian touches abounded such as what Fashion Wire Daily described as "a preppy polo shirt adored with a bat-winged lemon… accessorized with a matching hand-knit striped scarf." One pair of pants was screen-printed with an image from the cartoonist's work, while the artist herself modeled a period-style wedding dress.

Some of the clothing was put up for sale on Ebay under the name, "damedarcy." A pair of paints sold for $60, while a scarf went for $25.