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News: CCA Awards Nominees Announced
posted June 20, 2004

June 20 -- The 2004 nominees for the Web Cartoonists Choice Awards were announced at, marking the program's fourth year. The winners, to be named July 25, received their nominations from a period May 23 to June 6. Voters were made eligible by having an on-line comic, as verified by the awards committee. The awards program may be best known for its virtual award ceremony, where presenting cartoonists draw their time at the podium.

This year's multiple nominees include It's Walky! by David Willis, Count Your Sheep by Adrian Ramos, Megatokyo by Fred Gallagher, Penny Arcade by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins and Reman Mythology by Amy Kim Ganter. A complete listing of 2004 nominees can be found at: