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News: BL Publishing To Do Graphic Novels
posted June 21, 2004

June 21 -- BL Publishing, the publishing imprint operated by gaming company Games Workshop, became one of the many small houses to look at its on-hand comics content in a new way since the full flush of bookstore sales and the success of manga formats has become more readily apparent and highly publicized, leading to an announcement of a series of graphic novels. The books will be at the $9.95 price point, in black and white, combining existing pages with some pages of new material. Games Workshop has enjoyed recent successes with movie novelizations and video game tie-ins, experience that with a recently reconstituted sales staff makes the company believe they stand a good chance of selling a respectable number of comics adaptating their games and similar material. Although plans are currently being made in the short term only, the number of titles to be published should be kept under a half dozen a year.