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News: Clamp to Produce Marvel Comic
posted June 22, 2004

June 22 -- According to rumors circulating on manga/anime web sites from former Marvel employees, popular artist collective Clamp is working on a project for Marvel. Clamp is the three-person art entity responsible for some of the most recent and most popular manga series in Japan and one of the undeniable stars of translated manga in North America.

Clamp became famous for its variations on shojo manga, often described as manga intended primarily for an audience of teenaged girls, with heavy dollops of fantasy and science fiction included. Marvel has yet to deny or confirm the project, although the news was greeted with satisfaction in certain circles that Marvel would not be outstripped by translated manga efforts from companies like Viz, Dark Horse, and Tokyopop due to its own bad experience with 2003's disappointing superhero-centric Tsunami line.