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News: Little Lulu To Be Traded
posted July 1, 2004

July 1 -- Dark Horse Comics announced its intention to publish the entire run of Little Lulu in a series of manga-formatted trade paperbacks. Each volume should run 200 pages in black and white, and be available for $9.95. The first, Marge's Little Lulu Volume One, will be available in mid-November.

The release of the Dark Horse books means that for the first time in many years audiences will get to read the esteemed children's comic -- with a long run by John Stanley and Irv Tripp held in high regard by successive generations of alternative cartoonists -- in something other than a very expensive and hard to find collectible edition. Even in that largely inaccessible format the character remained popular as a symbol for inclusive comics reading, and placed high on several recent best of century lists. Dark Horse hopes to capitalize on the property's continued exposure as a cartoon show, and serve female and young readers with the series.