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News: Pif! Poof?
posted July 1, 2004

July 1 -- The American comic book market is not the only one soaking in nostalgia projects designed for adults who came of age during and after the Vietnam War. Pif Gadget, a popular French comics magazine of the late 1960s and 1970s has made a newsstand comeback with its first new issue today from publisher Conk Editions. The new publication boasts a solid line-up of cartooning talent and plans to offer up variations on its once-successful approach to new audiences.

According to the publisher, Pif Gadget routinely sold a half million copies a week and tipped the one million mark a few times in its publishing history. A humor magazine featuring a variety of approaches and design gimmicks, Pif was additionally popular among many of the artists and writers working in European Comics' "L'Association Generation," that emerged in the early to mid 1990s. That does lead to questions whether or not the magazine will work will today's younger audiences. "I don't think today's kids give a crap," European comics observer Bart Beaty told the Journal. "This is a nostalgia-driven mag that has no built in audience among kids, and it will be walloped by the power of manga, which is ruling the sales charts in France as in America."

Pierre Dharreville will be the magazine's editor. There will be an advisory committee featuring members such as Pierre Christin, Pef and Richard Medioni. Talent in the first few issues will include Florence Cestac, Christin, and Gilles Corre.