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News: New Alt-Weekly Cartoonist: Ralph Bakshi
posted July 15, 2004

July 15 -- Most alternative newspapers have a cartoonist or two plying their trade in the relatively open editorial arena, and in the process such features often become much-discussed focal points of their host publications. Most such papers do not have their cartoons provided by well-known directors with several decades of experience in cartooning, comics and animation. Readers of the Desert Exposure read a newspaper cartoon created by Ralph Bakshi.

David and Lisa Fryxell purchased the 25,000-circulation newspaper in 2003 after moving to the western New Mexico town from Cincinnati where author David served as editor in chief at F&W Publications. The Exposure is headquartered in Silver City, and reaches readers in that small city and towns like Deming and Las Cruces in New Mexico, El Paso in Texas, and Globe in Arizona.