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News: Del Rey Expands Manga Line
posted July 23, 2004

July 23 -- In what has become a mantra among manga publishers and potential manga publishers consider plans for next year and beyond, Del Rey Vice President and Editor in Chief Betsy Mitchell announced the launch of six new series from the line in 2005. The move will double the output from the current six to a total of 12.

Speaking at the Del Rey panel afforded the longtime genre book publisher by Comic-Con International, Mitchell cited the line's profitability at its current size as a motivating factor. The increased attention paid manga will begin to be felt in late 2004, as the company plans to step up its book releases for the holiday season, exceeding the company's original expectations for number of volumes in this calendar year.

Del Rey publishes the series Gundam Seed, The Wallflower, Tsubasa, Negima, xxxholic, and Othello. No series have yet been announced in the 2005 initiative.