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News: Wizard World Reports 50,000+
posted August 17, 2004

August 17 -- Wizard World reported a double-digit surge in attendance at its most recent three-day show August 13-15, outside of Chicago proper at Rosemont Illinois near O'Hare airport. The attendance figure released by the organization was 54,000 an increase of 6,000 over last year's show.

The attendance keeps Wizard World's premier show firmly ensconced as the second-most attended North American comics-focused convention, behind Comic-Con International. Like the San Diego based CCI, the growth in attendance is believed due to a small extent from a growing interest in mainstream comics from fans and the show's ability to provide film and television media events like a special premiere of footage from next summer's Warner Brother tent pole release Batman Begins, including an appearance by the movie's director. The guest of honor at the August show, well-known among creators for the insulated nature of its suburban hotel setting, was Joss Whedon, television show creator and current Astonishing X-Men comic book scribe, in many ways the perfect blend of moving media credibility and comic book hook.