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News: Ben Katchor On Stage
posted August 23, 2004

August 23 -- Ben Katchor's collaboration with Mark Mulcahy began its four-week run at Northern Iowa. "The Insomniac's Mansion: Picture-Stories and Drawings by Ben Katchor" was scheduled torun until September 17, with Katchor giving a lecture on campus September 14.

The new Katchor and Mulcahy musical "The Rosenbach Company" will premiere at the Philadelphis Fringe Arts festival September 10-12. The show was commissioned by the Rosenbach Museum and Library and deals with the lives of the founding brothers, self-made entrepreneurs and noted bibliophiles Abraham and Philip Rosenbach. According to the information posted on the festival's web site, the show will include animation. Katchor and Mulcahy are scheduled to converse with attendees after the September 11 matinee, which is a Saturday show.

Katchor will also speak at Swarthmore College on September 28 and give a "writing and drawing" workshop the day after in support of his show, "A Date in Architectural History and Other Stories." Registration information is carried on Katchor's web site.