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Vehip Sinan, 1929-2010
posted April 20, 2010


According to various wire reports and articles in English-language publications, the Turkish cartoonist Vehip Sinan died over the weekend in Istanbul from complications due to diabetes. He was 81 years old.

An Istanbul native educated at the Istanbul Academy of Fire Arts whose further academic study was cut short due to economic reasons, Sinan sidled into cartooning as a way to support his family. A 60-year career developed from there. Sinan was a widely published gag and editorial cartoonist in various newspapers and magazines. His clients included the dailies Turkiye, Yeni Asya, Yeni Safak and Zaman. Sinan also created the virtuous kids' superhero character Topuz, popular with Turkish children in the 1980s. He was awarded the grand prize from a national literary association for his publication Cizgi.

Sinan once said he never considered himself a cartoonist, that he focused on truth-telling rather than expressing an opinion one way or the other or making a drawing. He also never held an office job, preferring to freelance from home.

Sinan was buried yesterday at Istanbul's Topkapi Cemetery after what was apparently a well-attended set of noon prayers.

Sinan never married. He is survived by a sister.