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R.P. Overmyer, 19??-2010
posted August 31, 2010


Darryl Cagle reports that cartoonist RP Overmyer has passed away due to complications from diabetes.

Overmyer was a longtime LA-based cartoonist and designer. His newspaper clients included LA Weekly and the San Jose Metro Weekly; his animation employers included Fox and Universal Studios.

He may be best known for his Hollywood Dog feature, which was nationally syndicated in its current, political-cartoon form since I believe January 2006 and included the Los Angeles Times among its clients. The feature was originally a comic strip for the Los Angeles Reader, was trademarked for t-shirt production in 1989, and was briefly the basis for a television show in the post-Simpsons 1990s. That show appeared in 1993 and feature Simpsons utility performer Hank Azaria as the voice of the title character.

A large gallery of Hollywood Dog movie-still parodies can also be found on the Hollywood Dog site. Another panel strip by Overmyer called The Gray Area, copyrighted for 2000, can be found here in animated form. A large commercial art gallery indicates the breadth of Overmyer's career as a designer and illustrator; I think this may be a poster/print of Overmyer's.

Overmyer's last cartoon appeared through syndication partner Cagle on August 10.