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Jose Maria Jorges, 19??-2010
posted October 5, 2010


Jose Maria Jorge, an Argentinian artist best known for a productive relationship with DC Thomson's Commando magazine over 42 of the magazine's 49-year publication history. Although he could paint a wide variety of subjects and was a fine interiors illustrator, his work on airplane related covers was always very well received and fit in very well with the publication's general World War I and World War II focus.

imageHis first interior work came in 1969 in an issue subtitled "Flying Fury." According to this site, he did not do cover work until 1990, although he was fairly prolific thereafter. The artist's last published work with the magazine was on a September 2010 book commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain by depicting events that took place in and around Edinburgh. He had enjoyed a slight surge in recognition through a reprints program for the classic Commando comics which published the work at a larger size that better flattered his meticulous line.

Fellow artist John Ridgway posted in comments thread under the Commando site's announcement that "Jose's work was an inspiration to me when I first started work on Commando back in 1976. The accuracy and detail of his drawings was amazing. I always look out for his distinctive work in every batch of Commando books."

A checklist of his work for Commando can be found here. An extensive on-line gallery of his paintings, including those for Commando, can be found here.

His studio was in Buenos Aires.