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Mohamed Al-Zawawi, 1936-2011
posted January 1, 2012


According to a single English-language news story that I'm unable to corroborate, the cartoonist and artist Mohamed Al-Zawawi passed away on June 5. He was 75 years old.

Al-Zawawi was born in Benghazi, and began his career in 1963. He initially worked as an art director and cartoonist at Tripoli's Art De La Radio. He had an extremely lively and accomplished cartooning style, which he passed onto various students and future cartoonists at a satirical arts school he founded in Tripoli. He was well-regarded in the region and published outside of Libya given various opportunities. He engendered to express a common man's position in his editorial work.

Al-Zawawi was buried on the same day he passed at the Sidi Hamed cemetery in Tripoli. The ceremony was attended by intellectuals and artists from the Tripoli community.

I think after comparing signatures that the cartoon at top is from the late cartoonist, but I could be completely wrong and if so, my deepest apologies.