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Nestor Infante, 1957-2011
posted January 1, 2012

imageNestor Infante, a Filipino cartoonist that also worked as Ernesto Infante and Tor Infante for a variety of publications in the Philippines and in North America, passed away recently according to a note sent by Gerry Alanguilan, an historian and creators advocate for comics and cartoonists in that area of the world. He was 54 years old.

Infante studied both fine and commercial arts before becoming a professional illustrator with a gig drawing scenes from the Bible and providing illustrations for teaching materials, both for the East Asian Parish Institute. Infante also took courses from the Nestor Redondo studio. In 1974, Infante joined the RAR Publishing House owned by Mars Ravelo. He worked on a feature by Ravelo called "Sisid, Dyesebel and Sisid" during his initial stint with the company. With the writer RR Marcelino, Infante created Tiny Tom, which was published in Funny Komiks in serialized fashion for more than a year.

Influenced equally by illustrators like Howard Pyle and cartoonists like Alex Toth, Infante worked for two brief but significant periods in North American comics: at DC in the early 1980s on then-waning titles like The Unexpected and House Of Mystery, and then at Continuity in the early 1990s on the Ms. Mystic and Megalith character. Infante also did work for Acclaim. He was also a self-taught painter.

a Continuity cover penciled by Infante, inked by Kevin Nowlan