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Collective Memory: Wizard World: Chicago 2006
posted August 6, 2006

A sampling of links to articles and entries on Wizard World: Chicago, which took place August 4-6, 2006 in Rosemont, Illinois at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center:


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* Dedicated Convention Page
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Notes to Myself

* So much for the theory that the mainstream comics company were withholding their big announcements until Chicago.
* The Brian Wood and Peter Gross exclusivity announcements are interesting -- a throwback to DC's original use of the incentive. I also didn't know Y: The Last Man was finite, or that Thor had gone away.
* Most of my e-mail this weekend was bemoaning how little there was to do for anyone not interested in mainstream comics and buying them -- to a worse extent than any year before.
* I heard both ways on attendance.
* Why did WW abandon the July 4 weekend, exactly? I understand why I would, but I don't remember why they did.
* The last time I attended, which was probably Wizard's first or second year, there were almost no people in costume.


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