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August 24, 2016

Sandman: Overture Wins Best Graphic Story Hugo Award

imageI read about it here, although I'm certain there are several entertaining wrap-ups focused on the cultural skirmish that dominated this year's awards as it did last year's awards. The tally there is that only two awards were given the No Award designation meaning that the bulk of the voters couldn't find anything in those categories they wanted to reward enough for it to win the category. Last year five categories saw that happen.

I'm less interested in the nature of the controversy and the pack of idiots seeking to manipulate an awards program for some sort of strained, dumbass point as I am in a community finding a way out of the traps set before them by folks manipulating the spirit of a rules set. I'm happy for the program and the people for whom it's meaningful if they've managed to stem the tide of this particular stupidity. If there are cultural battles out there worth fighting, and this isn't one of them, it's not at the awards-show level. That's like fighting inflation at a screening of The Price Is Right.

The other nominees as seen here were Invisible Republic Vol 1, The Divine, Full Frontal Nerdity and Erin Dies alone. CR extends a hearty congratulations to all the contributors to a nominated work, both in this category and the categories we skipped over to get to this one -- even if you were one of the weird ones.

The win for the collected Neil Gaiman/JH Williams III/Todd Klein comic books serie may remind people that a previous Sandman stand-alone project, The Sandman: The Dream Hunters was nominated for a Hugo back in 2000. That was back when this kind of thing was still enough of a rarity it was worth noting for the novelty of the occasion, not just the righteousness of the acknowledgment. I believe that was a broader category-nod, too, with this particular category being added in 2009. Those with longer memories may remember that a World Fantasy Award win in the early '90s for an issue of the original series helped put the title on the cultural map.
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