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December 4, 2006

Shaenon Garrity To End Narbonic

imageShaenon Garrity has officially announced the ending of the long-running Narbonic daily on-line comic strip, one of the well-known touchstones of the post-2000 rise of webcomics. Originally conceived as a feature with a beginning and an end, the last strip will appear on December 31, having started July 31, 2000. During its run, the writer, cartoonist and editor has started other well-received features, become known for some of her informal and more formal writing about comics, was nominated for Friends of Lulu awards (Kim Yale 2001; Lulu of the Year 2005) and won the 2005 web cartoonists choice award for best writer. A rerun/added extras feature complete with podcast will start January 1, while the fourth of six planned print volumes should appear later that year.
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