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June 28, 2010

Simone Pepe Blasts World Cup Cartoon


Midfielder Simone Pepe of the Italian national team, defending champions of the ongoing World Cup tournament that were sent home after failing to make it out of group play, apparently had a poor reaction to the above cartoon. You can read the substance of his comments in the article linked to previously, but it's in this article where it gets more entertaining. First, it looks like the athlete marched to the part of the plane he was on where some reporters were sitting looking to confront anyone from the paper involved (il Giornale). That must have been hilarious, terrifying or both. Second, I think that article has reactions from the cartoonist, which if real -- it could be an imaginary dialogue, I can't tell -- are a pretty convincing "bite me" response, including the suggestion that politicians take this kind of thing much better than athletes.
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