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February 17, 2016

Sparkplug Comic Books To Shut Down Later This Year: Backstock to WowCool/Alternative

Virginia Paine of Sparkplug Comic Books sent out a letter to that company's artists saying that she has reached the decision to shut the company down later this year. Backstock will be transferred to Marc Arsenault and Wow Cool/Alternative.

The closing date will be sometime after the CAKE show in June.

Sparkplug debuted in 2002 under the direction of the late Dylan Williams. It would publish some of the most promising work of the post-alternative generation: cartoonists like David King, John Hankiewicz, Chris Cilla, Chris Wright, Jason Shiga, Trever Alixopulos and Rina Ayuyang. It would invest heavily in neglected formats, like serial handmade minis, and sold its comics enthusiastically and by hand -- reviving a 'zine market which had become fractured in the previous decade.

Best of luck to Virginia with whatever she has planned, and god bless Sparkplug. A lot of of good comics were made there.
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